Meet the Team
Meet the Team
Craig J.
Craig J.CEO / Co-Founder
Ben O.
Ben O.COO / Co-Founder
Sean H.
Sean H.VP, Technology
Mark S.
Mark S.General Counsel
Ian S.
Ian S.VP, Paid Media
Kristina L.
Kristina L.Director, People Operations
JPDirector, Client Engagement
Pat O.
Pat O.Director, Campaigns
Cait G.
Cait G.Director, Campaigns
Howard S.
Howard S.Director, User Services
Bradley L.
Bradley L.Director, Business Development
Patrick M.
Patrick M.Director, Finance
Stephen H.
Stephen H.Director, SEO
Cortney T.
Cortney T.Manager, Product & Business Services
Harshita D.
Harshita D.Performance Data Analyst
Thomas Z.
Thomas Z.Sr. Manager, Paid Media Trucking
Chris F.
Chris F.Director, Data Services
Yileng L.
Yileng L.Data Engineer
Pranoti S.
Pranoti S.Performance Data Analyst
Andy K.
Andy K.Manager, Paid Media Education
Robert T.
Robert T.Performance Data Analyst
Nirmil S.
Nirmil S.Data Engineer
Sunny T.
Sunny T.Data Engineer
Joe C.
Joe C.Campaign Manager
Kevin W.
Kevin W.Manager, Brand & Communications
Srinath D.
Srinath D.Software Architect
Tim V.
Tim V.IT Operations Analyst
Julie K.
Julie K.Account Executive
Max W.
Max W.Campaign Coordinator
Jennifer C.
Jennifer C.Sr. Paid Media Designer
Taylor S.
Taylor S.Manager, Community
Jose B.
Jose B.Full-Stack Engineer
Kevin P.
Kevin P.Account Executive
Mohammad E.
Mohammad E.Business Development Rep
Melissa C.
Melissa C.Account Executive
Kyle J.
Kyle J.Campaign Coordinator
Ali B.
Ali B.Sr. Marketing & Brand Designer
Mark B.
Mark B.Sr. UI/UX Designer
Cathy G.
Cathy G.AR/AP Manager
Segun O
Segun OFull-Stack Engineer
John R.
John R.Digital Content Designer
Iris P.
Iris P.Social Media Manager
Christiane R.
Christiane R.Social Media Intern
Denis M.
Denis M.Full Stack Developer
Keith S.
Keith S.Campaign Coordinator
Nick K.
Nick K.Designer
Andrew E.
Andrew E.Designer
Rifty U.
Rifty U.Technical Business Analyst
Katie C.
Katie C.People Operations Coordinator
Mike O.
Mike O.Front-End Developer
Molly B.
Molly B.Paid Media Analyst
Mitchell K.
Mitchell K.Paid Media Analyst
Sasha B.
Sasha B.Paid Media Coordinator
RJ C.Paid Media Analyst
Mark R.
Mark R.Paid Media Coordinator
Jaqueline D.
Jaqueline D.Paid Media Coordinator, WarehouseGig
Sam B.
Sam B.Community Manager
Mwaa J.
Mwaa J.Full Stack Developer
Emily B.
Emily B.Community Manager
Ken N.
Ken N.QA Engineer
Tyler C.
Tyler C.Campaign Coordinator
Kiley T.
Kiley T.Campaign Coordinator