Meet the Team
Meet the Team
Craig J.
Craig J.CEO / Co-Founder
Ben O.
Ben O.President / Co-Founder
Mark S.
Mark S.VP, General Counsel
Saleem A
Saleem ACOO
Jason E.
Jason E.CFO
Jason N.
Jason N.VP, Client Services
Cait G.
Cait G.VP, Education
Nathan W.
Nathan W.VP, Operations
Madeline B.
Madeline B.Sr. Corporate Counsel
Howard S.
Howard S.VP, User Services
Kevin W.
Kevin W.Director, Brand & Communications
Srinath D.
Srinath D.Director, Dev Ops/Software Engineering
Pat O.
Pat O.Director, Campaign Operations
Don L.
Don L.Director, Data Services
Thomas Z.
Thomas Z.Director, Paid Media (Trucking)
Stephen H.
Stephen H.Director, SEO
Janelle L.
Janelle L.Software Engineering Manager
Joe A.
Joe A.Director, EDU Partnerships
Cathy G.
Cathy G.Senior Accountant
Tim V.
Tim V.IT Manager
Abbey P.
Abbey P.Manager, Campaign Coordinators
RJ C.Manager, Paid Media
Yachin K.
Yachin K.Engineering Manager, ETL
Stuart B.
Stuart B.Team Lead, Product
Molly B.
Molly B.Operations Program Manager
Tyler G.
Tyler G.Product Manager
Liz V.
Liz V.Manager, Paid Media
Jose B.
Jose B.Tech Lead, EDU
Ali B.
Ali B.Sr. Marketing & Brand Designer
Mark R.
Mark R.Paid Media Manager
Nick K.
Nick K.Team Lead, Design
Iris P.
Iris P.Social Media Lead
Segun O
Segun OTech Lead, Trucking
Taylor N.
Taylor N.Onboarding & Operations Lead
Jeff H.
Jeff H.Account Executive
Sunny T.
Sunny T.Sr. Data Engineer
Kevin P.
Kevin P.Enterprise Account Executive
Sam B.
Sam B.Community Management Lead
Kyle J.
Kyle J.Sr. Campaign Analyst
Ricardo B.
Ricardo B.Consultant
Ashley G.
Ashley G.People Operations Generalist
Duc N.
Duc N.Sr. Data Engineer
Bhavana N.
Bhavana N.Data Analyst
Max W.
Max W.Sr. Campaign Analyst
Aniela S.
Aniela S.Account Executive
Keith S.
Keith S.Business Analyst
Kelli K.
Kelli K.Controller
Maviya A.
Maviya A.Software Developer
Milica V.
Milica V.Data Analyst
Mohammad E.
Mohammad E.Business Development Rep
Claudine L
Claudine LCloud Infrastructure Engineer
Greg H.
Greg H.Account Executive
Christiane U.
Christiane U.Social Media Strategist
Soyab B.
Soyab B.Software Developer
Samantha T.
Samantha T.Marketing Operations Strategist
Denis M.
Denis M.Full Stack Developer
Katie S.
Katie S.Account Analyst
Gavin F.
Gavin F.Paid Media Coordinator
Autumn C.
Autumn C.Paid Media Coordinator
Frankie M.
Frankie M.Campaign Analyst
Bethany D.
Bethany D.Paid Media Coordinator
Sooraj H.
Sooraj H.Technical Business Analyst
Sally W.
Sally W.Copywriter/Editor
Christian M.
Christian M.Account Executive
Gabby G.
Gabby G.Data Analyst
Mike O.
Mike O.Front-End Developer
Courtney D.
Courtney D.Campaign Coordinator
Alex W.
Alex W.Paid Media Coordinator
Stephanie G.
Stephanie G.Account Executive, EDU
Justin C.
Justin C.Paid Media Analyst
Tiffany B.
Tiffany B.Campaign Analyst
Brandon J
Brandon JIT Consultant
Ashley H.
Ashley H.Graphic Designer
Robbie H.
Robbie H.Campaign Coordinator
Melissa K.
Melissa K.Account Executive
Evan D
Evan DCampaign Coordinator
Gisselle T.
Gisselle T.Marketing Operations Coordinator
Zain Q.
Zain Q.Paid Media Strategist
Lorna M.
Lorna M.AR Clerk & Business Coordinator
Donovan E.
Donovan E.Paid Media Analyst, EDU
Destiny F.
Destiny F.Graphic Designer
Nick B.
Nick B.Campaign Coordinator
Paige D.
Paige D.Marketing Operations Analyst
Erick L.
Erick L.Production Designer
Jim C.
Jim C.Data Analyst
Mario G.
Mario G.Campaign Coordinator
Nirmil S.
Nirmil S.Data Engineer
Camila D.
Camila D.Digital Content Designer
Aaron L.
Aaron L.SEO Specialist
Justin C.
Justin C.Paid Media Analyst
Aiden S.
Aiden S.Account Coordinator